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SCSK Optima 65 Malborska Street, 30-646 Krakow

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  • 65 Malborska Street
  • 30-646 Krakow
  • Vat Identifiation Number: 526-10-45-091
  • Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy
  • bank account:86 85910007 0020 0043 5189 0024
  • IBAN: PL86 85910007 0020 0043 5189 0024

Choose your room

Cheap rooms in Krakow with an excellent standard: each room has a private bathroom, TLCD TV, Wi-Fi Internet, a tea/coffee set.

Tourist: from 75 PLN

The best offer. Perfect price with basic facilities

Standard: from 100 PLN

The most popular room: Excellent price with full facilities

Standard Plus: from 120 PLN

For the most demanding customers: a lot of space, air-conditioning and the fridge

Check out our accommodation centres

SCSK Group consists of 4 accommodation and conference facilities: in Warsaw, Gdańsk i Puławy. We invite you to visit them too!

SCSK Żurawia – Warsaw

SCSK Zurawia

SCSK Brzeźno – Gdańsk

SCSK Brzeźno Gdańsk

SCSK Pół Ławy – Puławy

SCSK Puławy

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